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DETOURS is a father/daughter road trip comedy about starting over at any age.

In the months since her marriage ended, Jennifer (Tara Westwood) has realized that she must make some changes to her life. OK, more changes. With a freshly minted master's degree and a vow to make a fresh start, she takes a new job in Florida. It's her dream job - but it's a thousand miles from her home in New York City.

Dan (Carlo Fiorletta), was never the life of the party. But in the two years since his wife died, he's barely left the house except for the bare necessities, and still has not disposed of her ashes. Jennifer realizes that they've lost touch, despite living just a few minutes apart.

​She convinces her dad to tackle the relocation with her and her automated friend, Joe,  a GPS with above-average artificial intelligence and a quirky sense of humor.

A story of parent-child relationships, DETOURS examines how we need each other as parents and children. It's a movie about looking for love in the present and the future after a loss. And the fascinating people we meet when we venture out into the world.

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